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Our Mission

To cross the divide between applied AI, data science and finance and to help asset allocators to embrace the new paradigm  

Our Story

Based in Australasia, we are a compact high-performance team of experienced finance and data science professionals and academics dedicated to solving challenges faced by asset allocators. At the same time, we have skin-in-the-game running our boutique multi-asset quantitative trading firm & proprietary InvestmentTech AI Platform delivering powerful sustainability driven insights that empower rapid, effective decision making and unify fragmented operations in capital markets, asset and fund management

Juraj Hric

MBA, LLM, BCom(Hons)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

​Over 25 years of experience building trading, risk analytics, and hedging platforms for global trading and investment banks. Quant Trader, Adjunct Lecturer and AI Advocate

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John Gould

PhD, BEng, BCom(Hons)

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Finance Assistant Professor with over two decades of research focus in the area of quantitative finance, risk, asset mispricing, quant trading and financial product structuring. Applying deep learning and AI methodologies.

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Ethan Yichen Liu


Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Over a decade of experience in data and analytics, planning, project management, digital transformation, strategy development, process improvement, and business analysis in supply chain, sales, service operations and finance domains. 

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Ira Dhalawong



Vice President of Engineering. Software Engineer with over 25 years of experience developing digital software solutions for Financial Services, Insurers and Global Media

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Venkatesh Paditham



Results-driven senior IT Executive known for delivering high impact digital transformation programs in complex, large scale, and rapidly changing ICT environments across the public and private sectors

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Experienced Leadership

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